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App cakes.


App cakes.


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aww wow!

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aliistarr said: Dinaaaa I didn't know you had tumblr! LOOL regardless you were on my top 10 fave people <3 miss youuuuuu

Lol yeah i do but its a uni thing I loved being on the top 10 i even reblogged it on my uni blog :D missss u <3 i just got ur message today and yeah defo we have to see eachother so soon b4 i cryyyy myself to sleep :D XXX 

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1. Kayla

2. James

3. Elizabeth

4. Dina

5. Gio

6. Shemelyn

7. Hafsa

8. Elvin

9. Moh

10. Krason


I gots loads LOVE-ings for more than 10 peepsss XD <3

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Whilst I was creating my website I had to keep going back and forth to see other websites and what I should consider doing and not, I looked for help in understanding certain aspects so the first thing I had to remember was the size of my website, I researched and looked into numbers of websites and forums on the internet which talk about the average size of a webpage because I want to make my website accessible to everyone I wanted to pick the right size not too big and not too small so I came an average of the width 900pixels and an average height of 600px which seemed quite reasonable to all computer formats.

I had to makes sure all my images and content on my webpage within the scale of 72dpi because this was going to obviously be viewed on the world wide web and if they were any larger they would take a longer amount of time to load because of different bandwidth being used around the world. By using the option of save for web and devices on Photoshop I could easily compare the different sizes and formats so it helped me develop and understanding what will be best for my website. I used .png for any transparent content and .jpg for the rest.


The only text I had put into a graphic was my navigation menu all other text such as my about me text was all within an iframe. To keep my website clean and consistent I chose to use the same font family for any text (Verdana) can the same colour. The reason why I chose a sans serif font was due to the simple fact that serif fonts are more classical so if I was going with different ‘classical’ theme it would be a good choice however serif is also mainly used on non digital formats so for example it is one of the fonts we tent to see in books and letters. It is not the most common font to be font on a phone interface or on the web because it would be inappropriate and out of place.

However for my navigation menu for all the pages excluding the index page, I opted out for a simple chalk written effect navigation menu. Why? because I felt it works well with the theme it is also very easy to read and makes it easier to read rather than having images as the navigation menu like I have on the index page. 

In such small space to work with I felt it would be too much if I kept with the same drawn navigation menu which I had in my index page they would be too confusing and it would take up way too much space when it should be free for other content. 

Opt for simplicity: Now the best example I had to go for was: Google, the idea is incredibly simple however totally effective. By cutting away the clutter and advertisements and all the unwanted stuff people usually ignore with search engines they came up with something spectacular and this is was one of the websites which inspired me to come up with a simple navigation menu for the rest of my pages because less is usually more in some cases and as you can see here Google can be the prime example of this. 

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Text 5 Jul Resolving issues…

Designing a website is equally as difficult as the actual coding and it proved much harder than to draw it and place it on the web than expected, when I got to a stage at my website on the about me page I was still not convinced on the appearance of everything I was worried if I might have gone too far with the idea that I’m working towards (the doodling hand drawn theme) So at this stage I thought I would defiantly do with some opinion and if some professional opinion would be better so I posted screenshots of my website on the web and asked for opinion from friends and family and one reply which I thought was defiantly the help I needed was one from my friend who is a professional designer. He reminded me of looking back to my demographics and see who I am targeting my website towards and what age group and sex am I trying to attract most because at that stage it seemed like I was targeting a female audience and a young age group rather than the right clients. 

I began to play around a little with the colour and I tried maybe if I went for a black background it would help but it felt out of place a little, here I tried a plain white background but it still felt a little odd to me it didn’t quite fit in. 

I tried going for a gradient maybe it might make it towards a more professional look as I saw in many other websites. 

Something was missing I felt my paper ‘wrapper’ just didn’t seem to fit in with a plain background even when i used a gradient it didn’t feel relevant. Thinking more towards what can be creative and what I had seen other websites do which make you think ‘wow that’s new’ or ‘that’s impressive’ so I looked around the house what’s relevant to a piece of paper. I first thought I can try and make it like a fridge magnet note but then I didn’t like the way it turned out. And then it popped to my head because I found my mum’s kitchen cork board where she puts her notes etc and I thought thats great I can reproduce that on my webpage, it looks relevant, it looks very creative and it got very positive feedback from the same people I asked before, they all felt it showed more designing and professional skill and thought. It also potentially targets a wider range of demographics which I am defiantly trying to do. 

The final result: I got rid of the pink background lost a bit of the pink and red colours in the image (coloured love hearts) and kept it less girly so it can be more appealing whilst it also keeps with what I like and what I felt looked good and worked with my theme.


Another design issue I came across was the font colour I had a few comments on the colour which was previously white now the problem was the pale pink behind it and the white as a font had proven harder to read for the older generation and I personally felt it began to irritate my eye as both colours where too light to support each other so the only way I can resolve this problem was to use a different font colour. Tried to use black however it felt too strong and didn’t seem to go with much of the page theme so I chose to go for the same colour that I made for the logo, because it helped pull it all together. The response I got back on this colour was much better and that is why I have stuck to the colour. 

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